Fairy Tales and Legends of Vilnius Old Town

Fairy Tales and Legends of Vilnius Old Town

Fairy Tales and Legends of Vilnius Old Town 1654 1180 Community Seniors Involved International

Vilnius Old Town is famous for its various styles of historic buildings, from Baroque and Gothic churches to neoclassical town halls. These buildings are surrounded by legends and stories. And we decided to invite seniors, adults and children to reveal them during the free tour “Tales and Legends of Old Vilnius”. On the 14th of May with 10 guests we organized a guided walk, this tour was the perfect post-covid sightseeing adventure. People discover a city’s best-kept secrets on an old-city tour, benefiting from being back outdoors and in small groups. 

       Why should people go on the tour? Tours give you the opportunity to see a lot, within a time frame. You get to see a new place, its culture, treasures, and big sites. Vilnius Old Town is one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe. So, what did we visit during our tour there? Firstly, we went to Gediminas Tower and listened to its history and legends. Gediminas Tower is unmistakably the number-one sight of Vilnius Old Town. Then it was Vilnius Cathedral and Cathedral Square. Vilnius Cathedral, located at the base of Gediminas Hill, is another important symbol of Vilnius with its white columns, bell tower, and generously proportioned square. Cathedral Square is at the heart of the historic centre. From the various stone outlines on Cathedral Square, you can see evidence of how it looked during the medieval Grand Duchy of Lithuania. After that we went on the Pilies street, the street formed in the place of the former road from Vilnius Castle to the south, towards Poland and Russia, to visit St. Anne’s Church. This Roman Catholic church was built at the end of the 15th century and was one component among many that helped the historic centre be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. And last but not least was the famous Užupis, the street art centre of Vilnius. We listen to legends that the angel – the symbol of Užupis – has hatched from an egg, and our passionate guides reveal all the secrets of this story! 

       So during our tour people were led by our amazing guide with a deep and sincere knowledge of what she was showing them. She tried, through her understanding, to bring people back to another time. 

     We all need our fair share of mental exercise. While a day of TV certainly offers its own advantages, many old people may still experience the feeling of being inside their houses. We tried to convince seniors that a tour is a pleasant way to step out of their comfort zone and, quite possibly, redefine it. As well as that it’s important to go on tours for seniors to walk, participate in social activities and meet new people!

The event is part of the Erasmus + project „Community Seniors Involved International”.



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